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Basin History

The C.S.S. Yacht Basin, originally Smith Yacht Basin, was dug out of the sandy St. Andrews soils in the mid 1950's by Lowe Smith. Lowe purchased the track of land with the profits from his Harrison Avenue car lot and started the original Shrimp Boat Restaurant on the side of his freshly made yacht basin. From the early days C.S.S. Yacht Basin has been filled with charters and commercial fishing. Many of the original tenants and their families still have a presence in St. Andrews today. Locals tell stories of blue crab in the basin, feeding on all the fisherman's scraps, so thick that you could fill a bucket in a matter of hours. As tourism increased, basin tenants added sightseeing tours and pontoon rentals. In the early 2000's, Loren Smith, Lowe's son, remodeled the basin with his father's passing, also adding the new Shrimp Boat Restaurant that stands today. In 2015 a group of local investors, fueled by their love of St. Andrews where they grew up, banded together and purchased the basin which was experiencing financial troubles. The group of investors, Clubbs, Stewart, and Selby (or C.S.S.), have spent countless hours bringing the basin back to it's former glory and have plans for even more development on the site.

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